low fat sausages, gluten free

Joe's Sausages are made fresh every day, by our team of butchers using only the finest ingredients & very lean cuts of pork.  All of our sausages contain less than 3% fat, are packed full of protein (72% meat), Gluten Free and really, really tasty.

You can check for yourself whether our products are suitable for your slimming plan by entering the nutritional information provided into your Slimming plans' website. 

On Weight Watchers® there is just 1 SmartPoint® per sausage (all flavours).  For more information see our Weight Watchers® page.

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Joe's Turkey Breast Sausages our Turkey Breast Sausages is Gluten Free

Turkey Breast Sausages

£4.00 RRP: £5.00

Joe's Traditional Thick Pork Sausage our Traditional Thick Pork Sausage is Gluten Free

Traditional Thick Pork Sausage

£3.20 RRP: £4.00

Joe's Pork Chipolatas our Pork Chipolatas is Gluten Free

Pork Chipolatas

£3.20 RRP: £4.00

Joe's Cumberland Pork Sausage our Cumberland Pork Sausage is Gluten Free

Cumberland Pork Sausage

£3.20 RRP: £4.00

Joe's Lincolnshire Pork Sausage our Lincolnshire Pork Sausage is Gluten Free

Lincolnshire Pork Sausage

£3.20 RRP: £4.00

Joe's Pork & Apple Sausage our Pork & Apple Sausage is Gluten Free

Pork & Apple Sausage

£3.20 RRP: £4.00

Joe's Pork & Leek Sausage our Pork & Leek Sausage is Gluten Free

Pork & Leek Sausage

£3.20 RRP: £4.00

Joe's Pork Chilli & Garlic Sausage our Pork Chilli & Garlic Sausage is Gluten Free

Pork Chilli & Garlic Sausage

£3.20 RRP: £4.00

Joe's Pork Sausage Meat our Pork Sausage Meat is Gluten Free

Pork Sausage Meat

£3.20 RRP: £4.00

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